Red Ribbon Week

Date/Time: Oct. 22, 2018 - Oct. 26, 2018

    Each October, Cypress Fairbanks ISD joins other schools around the country to encourage our students to commit to a drug-free lifestyle. Jowell has planned several activities the week of October 22 - 26 to help students understand the dangers of illegal drugs. Each day will have a theme as we pledge to keep away from drugs. Please join us by dressing up each day.

    • Monday, Oct 22, Turn your back on drugs. Wear your shirt backwards
    • Tuesday, Oct 23, From my head to my toes, I choose to say no. Wear crazy hair or hat and socks.
    • Wednesday, Oct 24, Dress for success, don't use drugs. Wear your best for picture day.
    • Thursday, Oct 25, Team up against drugs. Wear a jersey or team shirt.
    • Friday, Oct 26 Give drugs the boot. Wear western wear (no guns or spurs) and enjoy Rodeo Day!

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